The Life Cycle Of A Case With Handy & Handy

Personal injury claims require an in-depth review and attention from experienced lawyers. We provide just that at Handy & Handy. We have more than 35 years of combined experience representing plaintiffs in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah in all types of personal injury claims.

Pursuing legal action after an injury is the first step. Common questions we hear include: How long will my case take? How much is my case worth? These are difficult questions to answer right away because every case depends on several factors. We will do our best to fully investigate your case and develop a strategy that will maximize your compensation and give you the best path to recovery.

The length of your case depends on your injuries and how long you will require medical treatment. We do not want to settle a case before knowing the full nature and extent of your injuries. This typically means we will continue to gather information and build your case while you receive treatment.

The Life Cycle Of A Case

Here is the typical cycle of a personal injury case.

Intake phase: You will meet with us and after we are hired, we will learn more about your case and start gathering information. We will also start the process of filing a claim and pursue all options to maximize your recovery.

Treatment phase: While you get medical treatment and start recovering from your injuries, we will continue to gather information for your claim.

Negotiation or settlement phase: After you finish your medical treatment, we often enter the negotiation phase, presenting a settlement demand and moving forward if a fair settlement is achievable. If a settlement cannot be reached, we move into litigation.

Litigation phase: We will use litigation, arbitration or mediation to find the best possible outcome if we are unable to negotiate a beneficial settlement for you and your family.

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