Case Summaries

$2,850,000 Result

Bicycle accident – mild traumatic brain injury and spinal surgery

$2,750,000 Result

Wrongful death claim involving product liability against the vehicle manufacturer.

$753,000 Result

Rear end accident – lower back surgery

$500,000 Result

Ski collision – multiple orthopedic injuries

$500,000 Result

The passenger in work vehicle, single-vehicle accident, struck a concrete barrier on a freeway. Significant injuries to chest and sternum.

$450,000 Settlement

Settled through mediation. The truck driver sustained crush injuries, including shoulder surgeries and head injury.

$360,000 Result

Car accident – wrist fracture resulting in surgery; partial left side hearing loss

$300,000 Result

For lower back surgery.

$300,000 Result

Slip and fall, disputed liability, resulting in left ankle fracture.

$281,530 Result

Vehicle rollover resulting in low back surgery.

$275,000 Result

Motorcycle accident – fractured wrist and ankle requiring surgery

$262,000 Result

Knee surgery as a result of slip and fall.

$250,000 Result

Auto pedestrian accident resulting in serious arm fracture and surgery.

$225,000 Result

Partial hearing loss in a car accident.

$210,000 Result

Low back injury from a car accident.

$200,000 Result

For a recommended future neck surgery.

$184,351 Result

Herniated disc in neck requiring surgery.

$180,000 Settlement

The passenger in a car sustained a fractured femur.

$175,000 Result

Forklift accident, resulting in low back surgery.

$162,000 Result

Dog bite to the face around the eye.

$137,000 Result

Automobile collision with injury to knee and shoulder.

$135,300 Result

Dog bite to a minor child resulting in permanent facial scarring.

$125,000 Result

Shoulder injury as a result of automobile collision.

$100,000 Result

Auto accident resulting in arm fracture and surgery.

$100,000 Result

Fractured thumb in a car accident.

$100,000 Result

Dog bite leaving facial laceration to child.

$100,000 Result

Shoulder surgery resulting from slip and fall outside a restaurant.

$47,500 Result

Auto-pedestrian accident with spleen injury.