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Our pedestrian accident lawyers in Salt Lake City are all too familiar with the terrible outcomes of pedestrian accidents. They have the experience and dedication to handle auto-pedestrian accidents and assist you with your case. When a car or truck strikes a person walking on foot, the physics involved dictate that the pedestrian will lose every time. The impact often causes serious, catastrophic and irreversible injury and harm. At Handy & Handy, our pedestrian accident lawyers represent injured people and family members who have unfortunately lost a loved one in these tragic accidents.

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Every case is different but we will work with you to document the facts of your individual case. With most accidents of this kind, evidence must be collected and protected as soon as possible in order to have the best opportunity to fight for the rights and compensation to which you may be entitled. While it is often a difficult time, wrought with emotion, it is important to begin working with a pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as you can following an accident.

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If you have been seriously injured, or if you have unfortunately been forced to cope with the tragic loss of a family member who was involved in a roadside pedestrian accident, call the Salt Lake City pedestrian accident lawyers at Handy & Handy today at 801-639-9678 or contact us online to discuss your unique situation and case.