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Your Brain Injury Advocates

Brain and spinal cord injuries are often permanent and cause life-changing effects on both the victim and their family and friends. These injuries are some of the most difficult to deal with.

You are not alone. At Handy & Handy in Salt Lake City, our attorneys provide personal service and direct attention to victims with brain injuries and their families. We understand the challenges you face after a brain injury. Strong advocacy is required to help you and your family address the physical, emotional and psychological impact of this serious injury.

Get Support After Suffering A Brain Injury

If your brain trauma was caused by an accident or someone’s negligence, you deserve competent representation from one of our brain injury lawyers to help you get the support you and your family need in this difficult time.

We have experience advocating for victims of brain injuries caused by a wide variety of circumstances, including:

  • Car accidents or truck accidents
  • Motorcycle or bicycle accidents
  • Concussions during sports activities, including NFL games
  • Workplace accidents
  • Medical negligence or reckless actions
  • Unsafe or defective products

Your life is forever changed after a brain injury. We have the skills and resources to carefully evaluate the immediate and long-term impact your injury has on your life. We will work with qualified professionals to evaluate and document the impact of your injuries, and determine what type of legal claim and damages to pursue.

Discuss Your Legal Options With A Free Consultation

You may be eligible to receive compensation to help pay for your medical bills, lost wages and the effects caused by your injury on the enjoyment of your life. You have a tough road to recovery, but our lawyers at Handy & Handy are here to make sure you do not needlessly suffer financially during this time of difficulty in your life.

Call our firm at 801-639-9678, or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. We only get paid if we win your case so there is no risk to meet with us.