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Ski accident attorneys at Handy & Handy have countless hours of experience working with harmed skiers and snowboarders in Utah. If you are from another state, or even another country, and you are injured at a Utah Ski Resort, your case will almost always need to be litigated by an attorney who is licensed in Utah. The experienced ski accident lawyers at Handy & Handy are mountain enthusiasts themselves, so they know the ski areas and ski law, and they are ready to help you with your Utah ski injury claim.

Ski Accident Attorneys For Snow Season Injuries

Injuries while skiing can be caused by a number of factors, including ski lift failures, employee and lift operator errors, poor ski slope maintenance, obstructions and obstacles, poorly trained ski instructors, collisions with reckless and out of control skiers or boarders, collisions with snow-cats or snowmobiles, machinery and other mountain equipment, and many other forms of potential skiing-related negligence.

We can help represent people in cases against ski resorts that have committed certain types of negligent or intentional acts, in cases against other skiers, boarders, or individuals who acted negligently or recklessly, and in cases against the manufacturers and/or operators of dangerous mountain equipment, including snowmobiles, snow-cats, and machinery if that equipment was defective, dangerous, or operated incorrectly.

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