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Advocating Against Dangerous And Defective Products

Unfortunately, defective and outright dangerous products are placed on the shelves of Utah stores every day. The Salt Lake City personal injury lawyers at Handy & Handy represent individuals who are injured by dangerous and defective products in Utah.

Our Product Liability Lawyers Will Help You

Our product liability lawyers will help you get compensation from harm caused by defective and dangerous products. If you were injured due to a defective or dangerous device of any kind, including medical devices, implants, medicines or drugs, chemicals and cleaners, toys, clothing, food, tobacco, machinery, tools, vehicles, or any other product, the product liability lawyers at Handy & Handy can help you to recover the substantial damages you deserve, and also help to ensure that dangerous and defective products are removed from the Utah market so that your neighbors, friends and loved ones are safe.

You should understand that there are different types of product liability claims. The product may be have been defective in the way it was manufactured or the product may be defective in its design. Further, the product may have lacked adequate warnings.

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The experienced product liability lawyers at the Salt Lake City law firm of Handy & Handy have successfully settled and litigated numerous personal injury cases in Utah. If you are the victim, or if your loved one was killed because of the use or exposure to a dangerous product, device, chemical or substance, call us immediately at 801-639-9678 or contact us online to discuss your possible claim.