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Defective and dangerous products are stocked alongside their harmless counterparts daily in Utah’s stores, placing consumers at unnecessary risk of serious injury and death.  That is why the Salt Lake City product liability lawyer at Handy & Handy works tirelessly to hold those who place these products into the marketplace accountable for their actions.

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Why Choose Handy & Handy?

If you were injured or lost a loved one due to a dangerous or defective product, call Handy & Handy.  We will review your claim at no cost to you and advise you of any legal options you may have available.

At Handy & Handy, our product liability lawyers provide:

  • Personal attention and service;
  • Effective, experienced personal injury representation; and
  • The resources and knowledge are necessary to take on large insurance companies and corporations.

Learn how the Salt Lake City personal injury attorneys from Handy & Handy will protect your right to injury compensation by contacting our Salt Lake City office today.

Case Results & Testimonials

At Handy & Handy, we are proud to represent clients across Salt Lake City. Here are some of our results.

  • $2,700,000 result: Wrongful death claim involving product liability against the vehicle manufacturer.
  • $500,000 result: The passenger in work vehicle, single-vehicle accident, struck a concrete barrier on a freeway. Significant injuries to chest and sternum.

Not sold yet? Here’s what our clients have to say.

“Preston and Preston successfully handled a very difficult and convoluted case for me. I especially appreciated Preston’s (along with his partners and staff) diligence, integrity, and communication throughout the process.” – Julie Russell

“The team at Handy and Handy that I worked with was amazing! They were very quick to answer any questions I had and always kept me in the loop with my case. I really feel like they had my best interest in mind and were amazing advocates during the whole process!” – Emily Hubner

Let Our Salt Lake City Product Liability Lawyers Help You

The product liability lawyers at Handy & Handy will help you get compensation for harm caused by defective and dangerous products. If you were injured due to a defective or dangerous device of any kind, including but not limited to

  • Medical implants
  • Medicines or drugs
  • Chemicals and cleaners
  • Toys
  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Tobacco products
  • Machinery
  • Tools
  • Vehicles

We want you to recover the substantial damages you deserve.  Doing so not only benefits you but also takes dangerous and defective products off of the market, keeping your neighbors, friends, and loved ones safe.

Utah’s Product Liability Act

Utah’s Product Liability Act states that in any legal action for damages surrounding the injury, death, or property damage that is allegedly caused by a defective product, the claimant must prove that the product had a defect or a defective condition that rendered the product unreasonably dangerous for the consumer’s use.  In other words, the product MUST contain a defect or defective condition that makes it unreasonably dangerous for use.

Using a product and being injured as a result does not prove a product is unreasonably dangerous.   

How To Prove a Product Liability Claim in Utah 

Proving a victim’s injuries resulted from a defective or dangerous product takes extensive research and evidence gathering.  Often a product liability lawyer works closely with a team of experts doing the following:

  • Gathering product specifications;
  • Interviewing expert product witnesses;
  • Interviewing accident eyewitnesses;
  • Investigating the scene of the accident;
  • Obtaining any accident reports; and
  • Compiling evidence from such sources as recall notices from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

A product liability lawyer and their team must determine what makes the product defective or dangerous, as there are different types of product liability claims.

Types of Product Liability Claims 

Before a claim can be filed, an investigation must determine when and where the product defect occurred.  Whether that defect happened during the creation, production, or sales process will decide what party or parties are liable for a victim’s injuries.

A defective product may be the result of faulty product development.  Such a product is defective at inception or by design.

The manufacturing process may make a product defective that was functional by design or at inception.   The product quality was affected negatively at assembly or creation.

There may be a defect in marketing.  This means that the directions or information distributed to the public about the product were flawed, unclear, or inaccurate leading to product misuse.

Similarly, some products require a failure to warn.  Without one, life-threatening or fatal injuries can occur.  

Responsible Parties in a Product Liability Claim 

After establishing when and where a product or manufacturing defect occurred, an experienced lawyer will identify which of the following parties bears responsibility for a victim’s injuries or a fatality:

  • The designer
  • The installer
  • The distributor
  • The manufacturer
  • The wholesaler
  • The retailer

This is an abbreviated list of the many parties involved in the consumer goods chain.  Product liability is a complicated and technical area of the law.  Always speak with an experienced lawyer if you have specific questions about a claim.

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The experienced product liability lawyers at the Salt Lake City law firm of Handy & Handy have successfully settled and litigated numerous personal injury cases in Utah. If you are the victim, or if your loved one was killed because of the use or exposure to a dangerous product, device, chemical or substance, call us immediately at (801) 264-6677 or contact us online to discuss your possible claim.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Hire A Product Liability Attorney?

At Handy & Handy, we work on a contingency fee basis. We will only get paid if you win your product liability case, taking a percentage of your settlement or court award. So if we don’t win, you don’t pay.

What types of product defects can lead to a product liability claim?

There are three primary types of product defects that can lead to a product liability claim:

  1. Design Defects: These occur when a flaw is inherent in the product’s design, making all units of the product potentially dangerous.
  2. Manufacturing Defects: These result from errors or problems that occur during the product’s manufacturing or assembly process, rendering some units defective while others may be fine.
  3. Marketing Defects: Also known as “failure to warn” or “inadequate labeling,” these defects relate to insufficient safety warnings or instructions, or misleading marketing regarding product use.

How long does it typically take to resolve a product liability lawsuit?

The duration of a product liability lawsuit can vary significantly depending on various factors, including the complexity of the case, court backlog, and whether the product liability case goes to trial.

Some product liability cases might resolve in a matter of months through negotiations, while others can take several years if they proceed to trial and undergo appeals.

How long do I have to file a product liability lawsuit?

In Utah, the statute of limitations for filing a product liability lawsuit is four years from the date or discovery of the injury. It’s crucial to consult with a product liability attorney from Handy & Handy to understand the specific deadlines and requirements that may apply to your case, as there can be exceptions and variations depending on the circumstances and the type of product liability claim you intend to file.

Missing the statute of limitations deadline can result in the loss of your right to seek compensation, so it’s essential to take prompt legal action if you believe you have a valid product liability claim in Utah.

What should I do if I’m injured by a defective product?

If you’re injured by a defective product, take these steps:

  1. Seek Medical Attention: Get medical treatment immediately for your injuries.
  2. Preserve Evidence: Keep the product, packaging, and any related documents, such as receipts or manuals. These can be crucial for your case.
  3. Document the Incident: Write down the details of the incident, including what happened, when, and where. Don’t forget to take photos of your injuries.
  4. Don’t Discuss the Case: Avoid discussing the incident with the manufacturer, retailer, or their insurance company without consulting an attorney.
  5. Consult an Attorney: Get in touch with a team of product liability attorneys from Handy & Handy experienced in handing product liability cases.