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Though motorcycle accidents are almost always blamed on motorcyclist, statistics show that they are usually not the ones at fault. Aggressive Utah motorcycle accident attorneys at Handy & Handy will get you the compensation you deserve.

Utah Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Will Represent You

Statistics indicate that the motorcyclist is usually not the individual at fault in an accident, but they are almost always blamed by the other driver. No matter who is at fault for an accident involving a motorcycle, the person on the motorcycle often suffers the greatest injuries. Injured bikers and their families need aggressive legal representation to help them with their motorcycle accident claim. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, or if your loved one was a biker who was killed in an accident while riding a motorcycle, contact the experienced Salt Lake motorcycle accident lawyers at Handy & Handy today.

Bikers engage in an activity that has a seriously high risk of injury or death during a crash. However, this lack of protection does not excuse the negligence of a driver who did not see, hear or notice a motorcyclist changing lanes, accelerating, making a turn or doing any other legal driving maneuver. When you or your loved one is involved in a motorcycle accident, there are usually serious injuries, a loss of income, huge medical bills, and serious physical, emotional and psychological harm. You may be entitled to compensation for your injury or loss.

Has Someone You Love Been Injured in a Motorcycle Accident?

If your husband or wife was recently injured in a motorcycle accident in Utah, we are sorry for your loss. We know you have a lot to think about.

Foremost on your mind is the injury or even the possible loss of your loved one. But you are probably also worried about how to pay the bills, and the other driver’s insurance company could even be pushing you to settle your claim.

Here is what you need to know about Utah motorcycle accident claims—you may be entitled to more compensation than you are aware of.

Spouses of those injured in motorcycle accidents suffer their own losses. Along with compensation for the victim’s physical injuries, a husband or wife of an accident victim also has a loss of a consortium claim.

Loss of consortium is the term that refers to the loss of a relationship. This can include loss of companionship or emotional support, loss of intimacy, loss of help with household chores or caring for the children, or even the loss of the advice of your loved one.

Never Settle Your Motorcycle Accident Claim Too Soon

It is likely that you or your loved one are still healing from your serious motorcycle accident injuries. Meanwhile, bills are coming in, and you have not been able to work.

So money is tight, and you may be tempted to settle the claim so that you can pay your bills and move on with your life. But that is exactly what the other driver’s insurance company wants you to do—settle before you know how much your claim is worth.

But, here are a few reasons why you should never settle a motorcycle accident claim too soon:

  1. You could be on the hook for any outstanding medical bills
    If you settle your case before you are completely healed, or as healed as much as the doctor says you are going to heal, any medical bills you receive after the settlement will still need to be paid out of your own pockets.This could mean that your settlement money will all go to paying for unpaid medical expenses. The insurance company should have covered all of your medical expenses, but no longer has to cover them because you settled your case too soon.
  2. You have four years to settle your case or file a lawsuit
    The statute of limitations for motorcycle accident claims in Utah is four years from the date of the accident. That means you have four years to gather and document all of the evidence you need, and negotiate a fair settlement or get your lawsuit on file.So, there is no reason to settle your case a month or two after the accident. Especially if you are still healing from your injuries and do not know the full value of your claim.
  3. You could get Less than you deserve
    Medical bills and lost wages are not the only damages that could be claimed in a personal injury lawsuit. We already discussed loss of consortium that should be factored into any settlement, but other damages need time to be evaluated as well.For example, if you can no longer work and do the same job that you did before the accident, it should be factored into any settlement amount you consider. However, vocational experts will need to be hired and given the time to properly evaluate and testify to your loss of future earning capacity and vocational prospects.

Hire The Right Utah Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Most attorneys in Utah don’t deal specifically with motorcycle accident cases. But it is important that you hire one that is an expert in these types of cases.

Motorcycle accident claims are different from normal car accident claims. A motorcycle accident reconstruction expert needs to be hired to analyze the crash site and give their findings to your attorney.

Furthermore, if your husband or wife has died in the accident, you will need to find an attorney who is also experienced in wrongful death cases. Wrongful death claims differ from regular personal injury claims, and you will need a lawyer who can navigate those differences for you.

Discuss Your Claim With Experienced Attorneys

The motorcycle accident attorneys at Handy & Handy understand the unique issues that bikers and victims in motorcycle accidents face. They have settled and litigated numerous Utah personal injury cases, and can help you deal with the at-fault driver, the insurance companies and other aspects of this process. Do not go through this alone; call the experienced Utah motorcycle injury lawyers at Handy & Handy, in Salt Lake City, at (801) 264-6677 to discuss your claim today.

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