Happy New Year!

Posted on January 3, 2012

We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and that you had a fun New Year’s celebration! I talked with several people about their New Year’s Eve plans and more than once I was told something like, “I’m staying home . . . there are too many drunk drivers on the roads.”

The Utah Highway Patrol and other police agencies in Utah held a DUI blitz and were able to arrest more than 100 drunk drivers from Dec. 28th to Jan. 1st, as reported in the Salt Lake Tribune. A big thanks to Utah law enforcement for doing their part to keep our roads safe from drunk drivers.

At Handy & Handy, we pay particular attention to those accident and injury cases where a DUI is involved. When reviewing the case facts and the police report, we’re always on the look-out for any circumstances that would show the driver was intoxicated. Having a DUI defendant provides us with great leverage when negotiating with insurance companies. We have been able to obtain Field Sobriety Tests, DUI Reports, and even dash cam footage showing intoxicated driver. This can be great evidence for us to use to make sure that insurance companies play fair. In some DUI injury cases, the victim (our client) may be entitled to restitution and even punitive damages.

We take DUI injury cases seriously. We’re committed to making sure that DUI defendants are held accountable for their actions and that our clients receive fair compensation for the injuries they received. If you have questions about a DUI-related accident, please call us at 801-264-6677 to discuss your case.