What Is a Jackknife Accident?

Posted on November 28, 2023
When a large commercial truck has an accident, the sheer size and weight of the truck results in a terrifying accident scene. If a fully loaded 18-wheeler weighing as much as 80,000 pounds is involved in an accident with an average-sized passenger vehicle weighing only 4,000 pounds, the results for the motorists in the...
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How Bad Tires Increase the Risk of Car Accidents

Posted on October 21, 2022
Most of us take our car tires for granted and rarely consider them until declining tread quality finally captures our attention or we have a flat tire or a blowout. Sudden tire blowouts are frightening and dangerous. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, tire-related crashes caused 664 fatalities in 2020 alone. When tires...
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Do you know how to anticipate a truck company’s defenses?

Posted on August 20, 2021
If your loved one was injured in a truck accident, then you’re probably worried about your family’s finances moving forward. After all, the financial implications of one of these wrecks can be enormous, with medical bills quickly piling up and lost wages eating into your stability. Take your loved one’s pain and suffering into...
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Utah big-rig crashes often spawn outsized consequences

Posted on August 2, 2021
It doesn’t take a detailed explanation to understand why roadway accidents involving large trucks often yield catastrophic results, does it?It’s both obvious and readily confirmed through mere observation of those vehicles.For starters, commercial haulers are flat-out big. An in-depth analysis of large-truck injury and fatality facts authored by the national Insurance Institute of Highway...
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Hundreds die each year in underride collisions with large trucks

Posted on June 24, 2021
Driving along the highway, you discover that traffic has slowed to a snail’s pace. The reason: a road collision up ahead. When you drive by the wreckage, you glance and then study it with some trepidation. It was a sight that you would never forget.What you saw was the gruesome results of an underride...
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How truck rest stop closures affect all motorists’ safety

Posted on March 22, 2020
For truck drivers — particularly those who travel long distances — rest stops are places to take a break, use the restroom, get something to eat and drink, stretch their legs and even get some sleep overnight.Now, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, some state-operated rest stops have been closed. Michigan and Pennsylvania are among those...
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