Get Out And Vote

Posted on November 12, 2012

Sometimes it seems like the political season never ends. Right now, there are several key races going on in the state. Signs have been put up and your mailbox is probably full of mailers from different candidates. I believe our local elections are very important and directly impact our lives. During this primary election season, I urge everyone to make sure they are registered to vote and to make sure they get out to vote.

Take the time to study up on the candidates and the issues. For me, my law practice and my clients, politics can play an important role. Specifically, I am always concerned that my clients will have access to justice – and that the court house doors will remain open. No matter your race, religion, status, social class, etc., the ability to have your grievances heard in court, by a jury of your peers, is guaranteed by the constitution. Read the Bill of Rights, Seventh Amendment here.

Finally, I need to give a plug to my dad, Rep. Steve Handy. He is running for re-election to represent District 16 (Layton, Utah). He is thoughtful and will listen to all points to view before voting on issues. He is a statesman and above all, he is truly concerned about making sure his constituents are heard and properly represented. You can lean more about Representative Handy by visiting his website,, or check out his facebook page here. Please get out and vote. Polls close at 8pm.