Move Over For Law Enforcement

Posted on November 12, 2012

The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that a Utah Highway Patrol trooper was struck by a “utility type truck” while standing outside of his patrol car investigating another traffic accident. Apparently, UHP Cpl. Todd Johnson sustained “serious trauma” to his left arm. You can link to the story here. The accident occurred near the Lamb’s Canyon exit on I-80.

Law enforcement put their lives on the line each day to make sure our roads are safe and that the public is protected. It’s a shame that some drivers will recklessly endanger the lives of law enforcement personnel. Of course, when approaching vehicles, including law enforcement, on the side of the road, it is the duty of the approaching driver to get over and give the parked vehicles some space.

Hopefully Cpl. Johnson will have a full recovery and the at-fault driver will be held accountable for his/her dangerous actions.