Slip And Fall Accidents

Posted on February 5, 2016


Melting snow, bad sidewalks, and poor lighting, these tricky conditions can lead to a slip and fall accident. In the state of Utah the statute of limitations to file a claim is four years. There are many questions for the property owner and injured that need to be answered when filing a claim of slip and fall. If the accident happened in a government building or by a government employee, then different legal rules apply. In these special cases you only have one year to file a claim. Other unique circumstances apply when personal property is damaged. Even if you weren’t hurt in the accident, but say your favorite expensive watch was smashed in the fall you have three years to file a claim for a replacement of property. Property owners should answer these specific questions:

  • Did you, the property owner or an employee, notice the spot had been dangerous like a tear or bulge in carpet or a slick surface on tile?
  • If an item that caused the accident was on the ground was there a legitimate reason that the object was on the floor?
  • Could a barrier or warning sign have been put up to prevent the slipping or tripping?
  • Did poor lighting contribute to the accident?

Here are questions that must be answered by the victim of the accident.

  • Were you being careless, distracted, or messing around (running, jumping) by the accident site?
  • Would a careful person noticed the dangerous spot and avoided it?
  • Were there any warnings that the spot was dangerous?

If you have had a slip and fall accident or know someone else who has make sure to contact us to help with your personal injuries claims.