Pregnancy And Car Accidents

Posted on March 28, 2016


So it’s your first baby and you are so nervous and so excited for the new experience. However in your day-to-day routine you are driving and are rear ended.

Your first thoughts go to the safety of your unborn child. Here are some things to keep in mind as you are coming out of the accident

1. How bad was the crash?

● Did the airbags deploy?

● Did you hit your abdomen on the steering wheel or anything else?

2. How far along are you?

● You can still experience problems in the days and weeks after the accident

● You do not need to suffer a blow to the stomach to injure your unborn child. There are some serious effects that can occur during the car accident

● Premature Birth

● Stillborn

● Birth Defects

● Placenta Abruption (detaches from the womb)

● Caesarean section

The first thing to do is to GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR. Err on the side of caution and make sure you get checked out. This is especially important if you are further than 12 weeks pregnant.

If you start to see these symptoms then you should go to the emergency room immediately. You and your baby are the first and most important when in a car crash. If you are injured in an accident come see our at Handy and Handy law in Salt Lake City. Our car accident attorneys in West Jordan also can help if you have been in a serious accident as well.