Pedestrian Auto Accidents

Posted on April 27, 2016

You are walking through a walkway and a car blows through the red light or fails to stop while turning right and hits you will you are walking? What happens next? It is not like you have a car to even remotely protect you; it was your body that was hit and now you are injured. What happens in the state of Utah when you sustain a personal injury as a pedestrian when crossing the road?

According to Utah state law, drivers must yield to pedestrians that are crossing the street. Drivers should also make sure that they stop before the designated crosswalk and not stopped in the middle, obstructing the pedestrians way to walk. Those walking also have the responsibility to follow the law to avoid being hit by cars. A pedestrian can only use a crosswalk or walkway that is designated to be used as a walking crossway. The signals placed on the end of traffic lights to WALK or DON’T WALK should be followed even if no traffic is coming. Even though pedestrians have the right a way, they should never assume that the driver has seen them. Do not bolt out into traffic and cause a car to slam on their brakes. Utah is also a no-fault state so when someone is injured in an accident, they must use their own insurance until their personal injury protection or PIP is exhausted, regardless of who’s fault the accident is.