Trucking Accidents

Posted on April 20, 2016


We all share the road with a variety of drivers. The fresh faced teenagers who just got their license, the busy mom running errands, the businessman late for the meeting, the ambulance rushing to save another’s life, and the of course the massive truckers.

While any car accident is terrible, a trucking accident can be so severe and very dangerous because of the size of the vehicle. Common accidents that occur with semi trucks can be caused by wide turns, blind spots, and stopping distance. While truck drivers must follow a number of federal rules that apply not only to the truck but the well being of the driver as well (for example, how much sleep the driver has had).

The actual case that can come from a trucking accident involves so many laws on not only a state level, but a federal one as well. When involved in an accident with a truck many of the same rules of car accidents apply. Call the police, take pictures of the damage, take notes, talk to witnesses that are helping around you of just exactly what they saw. Even see if their is security footage from a camera on a light pole or elsewhere. Semi truck accident cases can be very complex so make sure you come talk to us at Handy and Handy so your case will be settle properly among all the chaos of the wreck.