5400 South ‘Flex Lanes’ In Taylorsville

Posted on August 9, 2016

As a personal injury lawyer, I am all about public safety and as a driver on Utah roads I am not a fan of traffic congestion. UDOT has made an attempt to work through both of these issues in Taylorsville by creating ‘flex’ lanes that run one way during the morning rush hour and the opposite direction during the evening rush hour. Check out the video on UDOT’s website.

I have used similar lanes while visiting other states, but am interested to see how these play out in Utah. For one thing, there are no barriers for the flex lanes, so cars may move in and out of the lanes at will and drivers need to watch the lights above their heads to know if they are in the right lane. I have not heard of any wrecks so far, but people will have to be vigilant while driving in that area. Do you think these Flex lanes will work? Are there other roads in Utah where they need to be incorporated?