3 tips for parents involved in car crashes

Posted on March 20, 2018

It is a parent’s worst nightmare, being in a car crash with one’s children. It’s hard to imagine hearing your children crying or even being silent after such a serious crash. In many cases, children actually survive with fewer injuries than other passengers thanks to their child safety seats, but it doesn’t make it any easier to fear for your child’s life.

As a parent who has been involved in a crash or who is worried about being involved in a crash, there are a few things you can to do be better prepared in the future. Here are three tips to follow after a serious crash that can help you and your child.

1. Stay calm

The first thing you need to do after any collision is calm down. If you automatically become frantic, it’s much harder for you to help yourself or your children. A lot happens immediately following a crash, and you may be overwhelmed by pain, injuries and the sounds around you. It’s normal to be disoriented, too. Do your best to calm yourself by taking a few deep breaths. Once you feel calmer, you’ll begin to orient yourself to the situation and make better decisions.

2. Call for help

You have to keep yourself safe to help others. If you’re bleeding or struggling with pain, don’t try to help anyone else. Call 911 and wait for the emergency team to arrive. Anyone who has injuries shouldn’t be moved. If you can hear your children crying, it’s a good sign that they survived the collision, so try to be patient for help to arrive. Allow those who are around you, if anyone is at the scene, to help by checking on your children.

3. Manage the aftermath

There is no question that the aftermath of a crash can be one of the most difficult things to deal with besides the crash itself. You may have flashbacks of what happened or feel exhaustion from the stress on your body combined with the care you need to provide for your children. It’s a good idea to look into ways to relax or to take the pressure off yourself. For example, having therapy can help you address feelings of loss or remorse, so you can better handle the day-to-day activities happening now.

Additionally, it’s a wise decision to look into allowing an attorney to help you with your claim. You need to focus on yourself and your family. While you’re recovering, your attorney can help by negotiating for a settlement that supports your needs today and in the future.