Distracted driving: A big threat to Utah motorcyclists

Posted on June 20, 2019

There are many safety dangers that motorcyclists can face here in Utah. These hazards can have tragic consequences. Sadly, Utah’s roads have been a particularly deadly place for motorcyclists in recent years. According to the Utah Highway Patrol, motorcycle accident fatalities have been on the increase in the state.

Among the things that can create major risks for motorcyclists out on the roads is unsafe conduct by other drivers. One such behavior that many point to as being a particularly big problem out on the state’s roads is distracted driving.

There have always been ways for drivers to get distracted behind the wheel. But smartphones and other portable devices, and the great number of functions they can do, have led to whole new levels of temptation.

When drivers let their attention stray away from driving and toward their phone or other distractions, their chances of failing to spot motorcycles that are traveling near them can greatly increase. This can up the likelihood of motorcyclists getting hit, which can cause death or serious injuries.

What do you think would be some of the most effective ways to reduce distracted driving out on Utah’s roads?

When motorcyclists are injured by distracted drivers or other unsafe motorists, they may be very concerned about their future. They may worry about what their injuries will mean for their life, family and financial stability. Getting fair compensation can help such individuals with addressing these concerns and getting things back under control after the chaos of a serious accident. Skilled motor vehicle crash attorneys can help motorcycle accident victims pursue such relief.