What are some winter tips for avoiding truck crashes?

Posted on December 19, 2019

Winter is here, and with the ice and snow comes a real risk of truck accidents. One of the major causes is when the wind picks up and pushes against the tall trailers these vehicles pull. Combined with ice and snow, they could be more likely to swerve or move between lanes accidentally.

If you have to drive around large trucks this winter, you need to be cautious. Here’s what you should remember.

1. Truck drivers have to fight wind

Truck drivers do need to fight wind when the wind shear is fast enough. Crosswinds can push trailers into other lanes, so be cautious if it’s windy and you want to pass a large truck.

2. Heavy winds could combine with ice and cause a jackknife

Another thing to keep an eye out for is a trailer that the semi’s cab isn’t staying ahead of. If there is a swinging motion taking place, get out of the way and call for help. At the very least, the police can stop the driver and inform them of the danger you saw.

3. Be ready to call for help

The truth is that large trucks can be harder to control, and there’s a risk that the drivers could be tired or distracted. Don’t be afraid to call for help and ask the police to pull over the driver. Even if it’s just a friendly stop, the police can make sure the driver is healthy and safe to drive.

These are a few things to remember about being around large trucks this winter. Be careful, so you can get to your destination safely without a truck crash.