Crash kills 1, leaves 8 injured near Salt Lake City Airport

Posted on February 27, 2020

A car crash is sudden, and it’s unexpected. Even if you have plans in place for what you’ll do in a worst-case scenario, it can still catch you off-guard and turn your life upside down.

Unfortunately, car crashes do happen regularly throughout the state, and it’s something that could happen to you. Sometimes, these crashes lead to multiple people being injured or people dying from their wounds.

Take, for example, this crash near the Salt Lake City Airport. A total of seven people were hurt while one person was killed in the crash when a driver ran a red light at the intersection of Wright Brothers and Amelia Earhart Drive.

The driver who ran the red light collided with a van carrying 11 workers inside. In total, one passenger was killed, and eight of the workers were taken to the hospital for injuries. The early-morning crash required emergency crews to extricate the passengers who were inside the van.

Crashes like this are devastating to those involved. They may lose friends and suffer from injuries that take time to heal. Those involved might find it hard to make ends meet and need to file a claim, which is completely normal.

Any time you are involved in a crash because of someone else’s errors, you have a right to pursue a claim against them and their insurance. Your injuries aren’t your fault, so you shouldn’t be the one who is responsible for covering the cost of medical care. Your financial losses could be significant, so it’s important to start a claim as soon as possible.