Get The Right Help When You’Re Hurt In A Slip-And-Fall Incident

Posted on March 13, 2020

No one wants to think about getting hurt. Most people go through their day-to-day lives thinking about their futures and the plans that they have. They don’t often consider how those plans would change if they were suddenly injured or disabled.

Injuries can happen anywhere, and when they do, your life could drastically change. While many injuries are minor, more serious incidents can result in the need for surgery, medical care, rehabilitation and other long-term treatments.

The potential for slip-and-fall accidents in the spring is quite high, so it’s something you particularly want to be wary about. Rain is common as the spring arrives, and chilly nights can still leave roads and walkways slick. Whether you’re walking into a shopping mall or up the steps of the neighborhood library, there is always a risk of a slip-and-fall accident in these conditions.

Is a business owner always going to be responsible for a slip-and-fall accident?>

Not always. For example, if you slip and fall when the stairs have nonslip coverings and a railing for you to hold onto, the owner might not be responsible for that accident. On the other hand, if you slip and fall because one of the railings breaks while you’re holding onto it, that could be a completely different situation where the owner could be held liable.

No two slip-and-fall cases are the same. It’s important for you to record the conditions leading up to the accident and keep copies of medical paperwork, so you can give a detailed account of what happened when you look into your legal options.