How could a wrongful death suit help a family move forward?

Posted on May 11, 2020

Utah families seeking closure for an unexpected loss may file a wrongful death action to hold a company liable when its negligence was the cause. A court allows you and your surviving relatives to testify and describe how an unexpected fatality caused you severe harm. 

According to the Utah Department of Public Safety, fatalities involving a single vehicle account for the highest volume of accidents. When a company hires a driver and provides a poorly maintained vehicle, a jury holds the employer liable for the surviving family’s damages. 

How are damages awarded? 

A jury may decide to award your family compensation. It may include the value of a life’s worth of income that your loved one would have earned. The court generally calculates an amount based on the deceased’s career and his or her age. A verdict could also include compensation for the loss of care and companionship that your loved one provided. 

What other benefits could a verdict provide?  

When a driver sustains a fatal accident while making a delivery for an employer, a jury could force the company to implement new and safer procedures. A verdict, for example, may require the company to change its delivery-vehicle maintenance standards. It may also require it to provide employees with improved training. 

Other companies may take notice of your case and adopt similar changes in their policies to prevent accidents. A jury’s verdict may also act as a warning for other families to become more aware of potentially dangerous issues in local companies and on the public roads. Although no jury verdict could return your loved one to you, you may find a degree of closure in knowing that the outcome of your case may help prevent other tragic losses.