5 Hazardous Places That Could Lead To A Fall

Posted on July 17, 2020

Everyone has suffered an embarrassing fall at one time or another, but sometimes these falls are more than just embarrassing. Some cases of slip-and-falls result in serious injury and sometimes they can be attributed to more than just clumsiness.

Where Do Most Falls Take Place?

While these types of falls can happen just about anywhere, there are a few types of establishments where they are more common. Many slip-and-falls occur at the following places:

  • Grocery stores: Stores that carry food are likely to have hazards that can cause falls. Food or drink spills combined with wet floors from cleaning or produce can cause many falls.
  • Hotels: Pools, cleaning and other types of wet surfaces as well as improper flooring can cause slips and falls in hotels or resorts.
  • Public parks: Outdoor spaces have a variety of natural and man-made sources of trips, slips and falls. Plant debris, overgrown roots and playground equipment can cause injuries to people enjoying their time outside.
  • Sidewalks: Improperly maintained sidewalks can cause many falls or trips that lead to injuries. Large cracks or holes as well as protruding asphalt or cement leaves people vulnerable to falling in these public walkways.
  • Rental spaces (such as homes or apartments): Poorly installed flooring, wet spots and other types of hazards are not unheard of in apartments or rented homes.

These types of accidents are not uncommon, especially among older adults. According to the CDC, over 800,000 patients a year are hospitalized due to slip and fall-related injuries.

When a business or public place does not have proper measures in place to keep their patrons in place, this can lead to legal issues. If you suffer a slip and fall due to a lack of proper safety precautions, you can pursue compensation for your recovery.