Dangerous Property Conditions Caused By Winter Weather

Posted on November 5, 2020

With fall setting in across the nation, many residents in Utah and elsewhere are preparing for the winter weather that is just around the corner. While many are used to the weather that comes and goes in the state, some are not prepared to enter property, public or private, that are considered dangerous due to the weather or other unsafe condition on the property. Weather can contribute to serious slip and falls outdoor; however, there are other causes and reasons individuals slip, trip or fall outside and could be due to unsafe conditions.

Dangerous conditions

The weather can be the culprit of dangerous conditions outside on private and public property. In winter, snow and ice can accumulate, generating risks for those walking on the property of others. While property owners are not generally required to remove ice or snow that accumulate due to weather, they may be liable if the dangerous conditions on the property were caused by an unnatural accumulation of ice or snow.

Such conditions could occur when ice accumulates on the roof, and due to melting, drips to the ground and then refreezes. It could also occur when there is a slopping surface in a parking lot or sidewalk. This can cause melting ice to form puddles, and when it refreezes, cause ice patches.

Outdoors slip and fall

When and outdoors slip-and-fall accident occurs, it could be due to the property owner taking necessary steps to prevent a dangerous condition from existing on the property. With regards to dangerous conditions caused by winter weather, a property owner may be held liable if they knew of the dangerous condition and failed to take steps to resolve it, or if they should have known about it. If either are proven, and injured party could seek damages through a civil action.

A fall injury could lead to significant injuries and cause a victim to require much medical care. A fall could cause harm to one’s head, neck, back, limbs or internal organs; thus, a victim may suffer an injury with lifelong effects. Therefore, it is important for fall victims to explore the causes of the slip and fall, possible liability and the options available to them. According to our Salt Lake City personal injury lawyers, premises liability action could help hold a negligent property owner accountable. Furthermore, it could aide in recovery of compensation, which could help address losses such as medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and other similar losses.