Law enforcement officer hospitalized after auto accident in Utah

Posted on December 8, 2020

When there is a motor vehicle accident in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah, emergency responders are relied upon to help those who might have been injured and need treatment. However, auto crashes can happen to anyone and even those whose responsibility it is to investigate and assist after a collision can be involved in one themselves. For law enforcement officers, firefighters, paramedics and other first responders who are in an accident, it is important that they get the treatment they need and understand the potential aftereffects that can negatively impact their lives.

Police officer rear-ended in patrol car is hospitalized

A local law enforcement officer was in his squad car at a red light when he was rear-ended by another vehicle. The vehicle that crashed into the police car, a Toyota pickup, attempted to avoid a crash, but could not. Intoxication is not believed to be a factor, but there is a possibility that there was an issue with the vehicle itself or the driver was distracted. After the initial impact, the pickup continued through the intersection and hit a second vehicle. The initial reports said that the injuries were minor, but the officer was hospitalized.

Rear-end auto accidents can be problematic

Even when the injured party is initially said to be recovering from minor injuries, a rear-end accident can result in damage that does not manifest until much later. This is often true with back, neck and head injuries incurred in a rear-end collision. For a person who works in a job like law enforcement where physical abilities and fitness are required, any injury can cause problems personally and financially. When adding the possibility that the person will not be able to do the same job he or she did before to medical expenses and the physical and personal aftermath of a crash, it could cause myriad concerns that need to be addressed.

Having legal assistance can be important for a case

Insurance companies may try to make a settlement offer to preclude a potentially costly legal filing. While this offer might sound like it will be enough, once everything is calculated, it could be insufficient. The entire case must be assessed to determine how to proceed. To move forward with a legal filing for medical costs, lost wages and more, consulting with a firm experienced in motor vehicle accidents may be able to help.