Catastrophic injuries can accompany motor vehicle accidents

Posted on February 22, 2021

Car accidents can be a nuisance for Utah drivers. An accident may slow down the Salt Lake City commute for many while the involved parties may have to deal with property damages, minor injuries, and additional headaches. From time to time, though, accidents are more than irritations. They can be violent, dangerous events that put people’s lives in serious danger.

Some motor vehicle accidents result in catastrophic injuries. The information contained in this post is not offered as medical advice or legal guidance. When a victim suffers serious injuries like those discussed herein, they should seek medical help to ensure they are on the road to recovery. When they are able, they can contract their trusted attorneys for personal injury legal guidance.

1. Traumatic brain injury

Injuries to the head are common in motor vehicle accidents. That is because the force of an accident can throw a person’s head in different directions and into hard surfaces like steering wheels, dashboards, windows, and other interior vehicle surfaces. A serious accident may also eject a victim from their car. In such an instance the victim may hit their head on any number of surfaces outside of their vehicle.

When the head suffers a serious blow, a traumatic brain injury can result. Traumatic brain injuries can cause serious and debilitating symptoms and can also lead to death. Permanent disabilities can result from traumatic brain injuries.

2. Spinal cord damage

Injuries to the brain can affect victims for years, and so too can injuries to the spinal cord. The spinal cord carries messages from the brain to different parts of the body. When it injured, it can cause disruptions and stoppages of information flow. This can result in serious complications that can impact victims’ movement (paralysis is a potential complication), respiration, and other necessary bodily processes.

3. Burn injuries

Burns happen when heat or friction harm the surfaces of the skin. Utah residents may be used to burning themselves on hot pans or when steam releases from a pressurized device. However, they are not uncommon injuries for vehicle accident victims to sustain. Chemical, electrical, friction, and heat burns may all cause serious and painful injuries to victims that result in disfigurement and other long-term effects.

Motor vehicle accident injuries can range from nonexistent to life-threatening and deadly. When an accident happens, a victim should prioritize their health and wellness and seek out medical evaluation for their harm. Seemingly minor injuries may obfuscate serious and life-threatening conditions that medical practitioners would need to discover to effectively treat. The costs that victims incur from motor vehicle accidents may be compensable through personal injury litigation.