Why property owners are negligent in violent attacks on guests

Posted on February 23, 2021

An orbital fracture, broken arm and ruptured spleen were the unexpected results from a recent venture to the city during a three-day hotel stay. Your trip was not supposed to include a violent assault in the hotel’s parking ramp. Now, a lengthy recovery awaits you, expensive medical bills, a potentially permanent disability and the inability to work for months to come.

Someone messed up, and you are paying for it in more ways than one. Guests at this hotel expect safe passage while pursuing their away-from-home routines. Premises liability always come to the forefront in such incidents. Who must take the responsibility for such negligence that led to this attack? Property owners, landlords and the companies behind such investments are often to blame for providing poor security on their premises.

Poor lighting, failed security

What happened to you has happened to others, and not just in hotel parking ramps. Victims have experienced violent attacks inside office buildings, restaurants, businesses, parking lots along with hotel lobbies and rooms. Landlords and business owners must take the proper precautions to protect the people who visit their premises.

What are some of the elements behind attacks on properties? Here is a list of some:

  • Inadequate lighting: Whether in a parking ramp, parking lot, hallway or stairwell, such conditions can lead to unsuspecting attacks. Assailants may be waiting for victims while simply hiding in the darkness caused by poor lighting.
  • Non-existent, non-functioning or poorly placed security cameras: Security cameras are becoming more and more ubiquitous even among homeowners. The least thing that property owners and landlords can do is provide working security cameras in high-traffic areas.
  • Failure to provide enough trained security staff: Shortcuts cannot be taken regarding security This includes the number of staff as well as effectively training them. Visitors to properties want to be reassured of their safety.
  • Non-working window and door locks: Such scenarios invite assailants to easily prey on victims by breaking into hotel rooms or apartment buildings.

The public should not have to live in unsafe environments or a world filled with angst and suspicion. Property owners and landlords must enforce the proper measures to ensure safety on their premises.