Car accident fatalities increase during 2020

Posted on April 20, 2021

Car accident victims and their families can suffer serious injuries and harm following a car accident. Unfortunately, fatal car accidents have been on the rise which is why car accident victims and their loved ones should be familiar with legal protections that can help them following a car accident.

Increase in fatal car accidents

Though the number of miles driven by Americans last year was down due to the health crisis, the number of fatal accidents was up. According to federal data, Americans drove 13% fewer miles during 2020. The National Safety Council estimated in a recent report that 42,060 victims died in fatal car accidents in 2020 which was an 8% increase from 2019 and represented the first increase in four years.

The number of traffic fatalities over the past year was the highest number since 2007. During 2007, 43,945 victims were killed in fatal car accidents. The safety council also estimate that 4.8 million victims were injured in car accidents over the last year.

The amount of traffic is increasing and some authorities have expressed concerns that the reckless driving seen during the pandemic may also be increasing. Speeding and an increase is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are at least partly to blame.

Help for car accident victims and their families

Car accident victims can rely on the legal process for protections that can extend to their family members as well. A personal injury claim for damages or a wrongful death claim can help victims and their families. Victims and families can recover compensation for the physical, financial and emotional harm they have suffered because of a negligent or reckless driver.