Wednesday car accident shuts down SR-32

Posted on April 21, 2021

Especially during our winter months, the roads throughout our state can be extremely dangerous. This was exemplified Wednesday on SR-32, and first responders want us to remember that traffic can result and ask for our patience.

The motor vehicle accident

According to the South Summit Fire District, the Wednesday motor vehicle accident occurred between two vehicles in Salt Lake City. Two people had to be extracted by first responders, and one of them had to be cut from the vehicle. Unfortunately, that person was transported to a local hospital with life threatening injuries.

After the car accident

After the car accident, SR-32 was shut down to help the victims and get them to safety. In addition, the road needed to be cleared and the car accident investigated. Unfortunately, this took a long time Wednesday, and first responders noted that many of those stuck in the traffic that resulted “through their hands up” at them as they were leaving the scene.

A message from first responders

As a result, first responders want drivers and their passengers to remember that they only shut down roads when needed. They want us all to remember that it usually means that someone’s life is in jeopardy, and it could be someone known to those stuck in the ensuing traffic jam.

After all car accidents

Salt Lake City, Utah, first responders keep us all safe after motor vehicle accidents. Please remember that if they shutdown our roads, it is for a reason, and it could be us next time they have to shutdown a road to protect.

Though, the first call after 911 should be to an West Jordan car accident attorney. Our state has laws that protect us from the negligence of others and allow us to be compensated and seek civil justice to make victims whole. However, a call to an attorney is needed first, and our firm bring big firm experience with small firm attention.