Officials focus on preventing work zone auto accidents in Utah

Posted on May 20, 2021

In Utah, there are inherent dangers on the state roadways whether it is on the highway or in residential areas. There is always a chance that auto accidents with occur causing serious injuries and even death. Some accidents involve people who are simply working on the road. Drivers who are thinking about getting to their destination may feel that work zones are an inconvenience, but these projects are necessary for maintenance, repairs and safety. However, if drivers travel too fast or ignore warning signs, accidents can happen.

Work zone crashes are a growing concern

The Utah Department of Transportation is asking drivers to be more vigilant when in work zones. In part, this is due to an increasing amount of road work being done. As part of its attempt to inform drivers about the importance of work zone awareness, the UDOT is asking drivers not to speed or to use handheld devices behind the wheel. Work zone staff are clearly visible, but that does not mean drivers will adhere to the reduced speed requirements and signs to take caution. Workers express worry that drivers will crash into them as they go about their duties causing injuries and death. Even with the campaign to make safety a priority, there is fear that drivers will simply continue to behave recklessly, causing crashes.

Any auto accident can spark radical life changes and long-term problems

When there is an auto crash, people are vulnerable to broken bones, spinal cord damage, brain trauma, cuts, bruises and soft tissue injuries. If the person who was hit was not in a vehicle at the time and was on the job in a work zone, they are completely unprotected and vulnerable. Speeding, recklessness, distracted driving, drivers who are under the influence and drowsy drivers are just some of the inherent concerns for work zone personnel. A long hospitalization, lost time on the job and extended treatment can be costly in myriad ways. It is imperative to know how to recover for all that was lost.

Having assistance in considering options is essential

After motor vehicle accidents, gathering evidence is a fundamental aspect of determining how to proceed If a work zone accident happened due to a driver error or illegal act, it will be a crucial part of a possible claim. The attempts on the part of UDOT and contractors to emphasize the importance of safety in work zones is a noble effort. Unfortunately, many drivers will ignore it. If there is a collision, having experienced advice can be helpful in deciding what steps to take.