Series of deadly motor vehicle accidents worries law enforcement

Posted on August 17, 2021

There have been ongoing concerns about road safety in Utah. These were exacerbated in recent weeks by one deadly weekend in which six people were killed. This is stoking worry with law enforcement as it tries to emphasize the importance of fundamental safety practices. Understanding how these accidents happened and taking steps to avoid them is wise and effective. Still, the unfortunate reality is that drivers will continue to make errors, behave recklessly and violate the law.

Five accidents kill six people in Utah

Over a single weekend, law enforcement investigated five separate auto crashes that led to six people losing their lives. Upon initial assessment, the accidents ran the gamut as to what caused them. Included were impairment, speeding and driving drowsy. Two were head-on collisions. In one, a 26-year-old woman with three children lost her life on the same day she was married. She and a relative were running errands when another vehicle crashed into them. The driver heading in the wrong direction on the road was believed to have been extremely impaired and tried to flee in a stolen truck after the accident. The other head-on crash reportedly had a vehicle going into the opposite lanes and collided with another vehicle.

Drowsy driving was a factor in two of the accidents, one in which a 77-year-old driver was killed and a 78-year-old passenger was injured. In that accident, a commercial vehicle with a trailer reduced its speed to stop before hitting a vehicle. Behind it, another vehicle crashed into its trailer. The accidents happened throughout the state. A colonel with the Utah Highway Patrol cited what he called “very bad” driving behaviors including distraction, drowsiness, impairment and speeding. Statistically, there has been a 50% spike in road deaths from 2020. In 2020, they were higher than they had been in 2019. In Utah, the latest tally has 188 fatalities thus far in 2021 which is a 63% increase from 2020.

Facing the future after an auto accident can be difficult

Unfortunately, this tragic weekend is not unusual on Utah roads and across the nation. These motor vehicle accidents resulted in the worst-case scenario with fatalities, but even if people survive an accident, they can still be confronted with a litany of problems that must be addressed. This includes medical care, financial concerns and how they will contribute to a family. Knowing the catalyst for the collision is a crucial aspect of any case. A full investigation will be needed and evidence accrued. From the start, those who have been hurt or lost a loved one should have assistance to know what they should do in the aftermath.