A brain hemorrhage can be a catastrophic injury

Posted on April 9, 2020

Catastrophic injuries change your life the moment they happen. One of the more severe injuries, a brain injury, can quickly grow from bad to worse as your brain begins to swell inside your skull.

With any impact to your head, there is a risk for a brain hemorrhage. This is when your brain bleeds as a result of a broken artery. This localized bleeding kills brain cells and leads to a stroke.

When blood pools from trauma, it’s called a cerebral hematoma. This condition puts pressure on the brain and reduces blood flow. That means that your brain may not receive nutrients or oxygen, leading to brain cell death.

When bleeding happens, it can happen between the skull and the outer covering of the brain, between the brain and its membranes or inside the brain. Some of these bleeds may be hard to detect without imaging tests, which is why your medical provider may ask for a CT or MRI scan.

Head trauma is the most common cause of bleeding on the brain for those who are under the age of 50. Symptoms can occur quickly, leading to changes in vision, trouble with fine motor skills, a loss of balance, seizures or other issues. It’s essential that anyone who has hit their head sees a medical professional right away, especially if they have signs of a brain hemorrhage.

If you suffer a brain hemorrhage due to a car crash, it may be possible to hold the other party liable for your expenses. Our website has more on what to do after suffering such a severe injury.