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Catastrophic injuries change a person and his or her family’s entire way of life. Debilitating injuries result in immediate and long-term challenges that need to be addressed to help you and your family move forward with your lives.

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Why Choose Our Law Firm?

You need to protect your rights when a severe injury is caused by the negligent or reckless actions of a person or company. At Handy & Handy, we will help you every step of the way. Our Salt Lake City catastrophic injury lawyer believes in being your advocate by providing personal service and aggressive representation to help you find the best road to recovery.

Our lawyers both worked at a big personal injury law firm before starting Handy & Handy. We are proud to provide the experience and results you expect from a large firm with the personal attention and compassion you need.

You also don’t have to pay a dime out of your pocket to meet with us. We take our cases on a contingency fee basis – meaning that you don’t have to pay anything to meet with us or to take on your case.

What Our Clients Have To Say

At Handy & Handy, the personal injury attorneys in Salt Lake City, Utah at our law firm are dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation for individuals who have been injured due to the negligence of others. Our track record of successful case outcomes and the gratitude of our clients are a testament to our commitment to achieving justice. Don’t believe us? Here is what some of our clients have to say:

“Preston was very thorough and explained all the steps of the process so we knew exactly what to expect from the beginning. They kept in touch regularly to let us know if there were any issues or updates and Erin (the paralegal that helped with our case) was very quick to respond to any questions we had. I appreciated how well they handled everything and we were so happy with the end result. They made this crazy process easy for us to understand and I believe we ended up with a much better result then if we’d tried to go through it without their expertise.”

Kelsi Bonner Bynes

“I hired Handy and Handy Law Firm to represent me for a difficult shoulder injury. They were so helpful and diligent in helping me receive compensation. Everyone was always available, patient, informative and beyond professional. I felt confident with their abilities after our first meeting together. And I was correct in feeling that way. I would refer them to anyone needing an amazing team for legal assistance. They are the best! I am forever grateful for all of their hard work.”

Jenna Kilgrow 

Case Results

Here are some of the settlements we have achieved:

$2,750,000: Wrongful death claim involving product liability against a well-known vehicle manufacturer.

$500,000: A passenger in work vehicle, single-vehicle accident, struck a concrete barrier on a freeway. There were significant injuries to chest and sternum.

How Long Do I Have To File A Catastrophic Injury Lawsuit?

When it comes to catastrophic injuries, time is of the essence. In Utah, the statute of limitations sets a strict deadline for filing a personal injury claim related to catastrophic injuries. The statute of limitations typically starts from the date of the accident or incident that caused the injury. It is essential to understand the statute of limitations and take timely action to protect your right to seek compensation. Failing to file a claim within the specified timeframe may result in the court dismissing your case, leaving you unable to pursue the compensation you deserve.

Do I Need To Go To Court?

The vast majority of personal injury cases settle out of court with the help of an experienced Salt Lake City catastrophic injury attorney. Only in the event that an insurance company uses bad faith tactics to deny a claim or seriously underestimate its value does the case proceed to a lawsuit in court. Your attorney must file a lawsuit before the state’s statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits expires. While court litigation takes longer than settling out of court, a jury award for damages is often more substantial than an out-of-court settlement.

What if I Was Partly at Fault for My Injury?

Utah is a modified comparative negligence state. This system allows injury victims to recover a portion of their damages, minus their percentage of fault as long as they’re less than 50% at fault. For example, if your injury occurred in a car accident rear-end collision and you were found to be 25% at fault because you failed to signal a turn while slowing down, you’d still recover 75% of your damages. If your damages amounted to $1 million, you’d still recover $750,000.

How Handy & Handy Can Help You

The seriousness of your injuries is not lost on us. We care about helping you through this difficult time. We will explore your legal options, inform you of your rights, and take all necessary steps to find the best possible outcome for you and your family.

We take the time to get to know you and your family to see how your injuries have impacted your way of life, including the physical, emotional, and psychological impact. This allows us to build a strong case that will address your needs now and in the future.

We have experience helping individuals in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah with catastrophic injuries such as:

  • Traumatic brain injuries and concussions
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Loss of limbs and amputations
  • Burns

Our attorneys have more than 35 years of experience helping victims pursue legal action against the party responsible for their injuries. We will vigorously protect your rights and advocate for the best outcome.

What is a Catastrophic Injury?

A catastrophic injury is an injury that permanently alters an accident victim’s life.  Catastrophic injuries often require a team of medical professionals to address the needs of the victim and related complications.  

Recovery from a catastrophic injury may include:

  • Physical therapy;
  • Surgical procedures;
  • Medications; 
  • Specialty care; 
  • In-home assistance; or 
  • Nursing care. 

Many victims of catastrophic injuries never return to the workforce.

Three Types of Catastrophic Injuries

There are three types of catastrophic injuries: physical injuries, spinal cord injuries, and cognitive injuries.  

Physical injuries are those that cause the loss of a body part.  These may include:

  • Limb amputation;
  • Second or third-degree burn injuries;
  • Internal organ damage;
  • Severe or multiple compound bone fractures; 
  • Permanent vision or hearing loss; and
  • Permanent damage to orthopedic function or body tissue. 

Spinal cord injuries exclusively affect the spinal cord.  These injuries cause lifelong mobility issues like full or partial paralysis and medical complications such as:

  • Intense pain;
  • Sexual dysfunction; and
  • Loss of bladder control.

Cognitive injuries affect the brain’s cognitive functions, leading to memory loss, impaired reasoning, difficulties with language and communication, and changes in behavior and personality. These injuries can profoundly impact the victim’s ability to lead an independent and fulfilling life. Cognitive catastrophic injuries are the result of brain damage.  These injuries can deprive their victim of the ability to:

  • Work;
  • Walk;
  • Speak; or 
  • Form new memories.  

Cognitive catastrophic injuries may include traumatic brain injury or TBI.  Although not all traumatic brain injuries are catastrophic.

Causes of Catastrophic Injury

A catastrophic injury can result from any type of severe accident.  However, some accidents are more likely to cause catastrophic injuries.

These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Commercial truck accidents;
  • Dog bites;
  • Bicycle accidents with motor vehicles;
  • Pedestrian accidents with motor vehicles;
  • Sports accidents such as football and cheerleading;
  • Falls from heights;
  • Fires and explosions;
  • Medical malpractice;
  • Horseback riding accidents;
  • Defective products;
  • Workplace accidents, especially construction; and
  • Violent crime.

How To Prove Liability In Catastrophic Injury Cases

When a catastrophic injury was preventable if only another party had taken reasonable measures to prevent injuries, the person or business at fault in the injury bears liability for damages. This is typically paid through an insurance policy, such as auto personal injury liability insurance or premises liability insurance. Proving liability requires demonstrating negligence by the party at fault through the following:

  • Showing that the at-fault party had a duty of care to take reasonable measures to prevent injury to others
  • Showing that they breached their duty of care through an act of negligence, recklessness, or purposeful wrongdoing
  • Showing that the breach of duty directly caused a catastrophic injury
  • Showing that the injury caused serious economic and non-economic damages to the injury victim

Once a Salt Lake city catastrophic injury lawyer gathers evidence proving negligence, they’ll craft a compelling case for full compensation and send a demand package to the appropriate insurance company.

Compensation in Catastrophic Injury Claims

There are several factors that must be considered when in any claim for catastrophic injuries.  The value of a claim depends on both economic and non-economic damages and the effect of the injury on the victim’s life overall whether physically, mentally, psychologically, or emotionally.  

Economic damages are monies paid to reimburse any accident-related costs.  Economic damages may be current or future, anticipated expenses.  Economic damages have designated dollar amounts.   

Examples of economic damages are as follows:

  • Medical bills for past and future accident-related expenses;   
  • Lost wages;
  • Loss of earning potential;
  • Costs of nursing or long-term care;
  • Medical devices;
  • Occupational therapy;
  • Rehabilitation;
  • Psychological therapy or counseling
  • Modifications to a home or auto; and
  • In cases of death, end-of-life expenses.

Noneconomic damages are harder to place a dollar amount on as they include more subjective losses such as:   

  • Loss of enjoyment of life;
  • Loss of consortium; 
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Disfigurement;
  • Emotional and mental anguish; and
  • Loss of companionship.

Every catastrophic injury claim is unique. An experienced catastrophic injury attorney must review all aspects of a claim prior to anticipating a claim value and identifying which damages are available to a victim.

Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Undervalue or Deny Catastrophic Injury Claims

We’d like to think that insurance companies are there for us in our time of need, the way they commonly promise in their glossy ads, but sadly, these are private companies that exist to make a profit. Protecting profits means they hire adjusters to examine every claim, seeking a way to minimize a payout or deny it completely. Common methods insurance companies use to protect profits include:

  • Calling very soon after your injury with a low settlement offer before you could possibly know the extent of your damages and requiring you to sign away your right to a lawsuit in exchange for the settlement
  • Recording phone conversations and using your remarks out of context against you
  • Examining your social media accounts to use photos to show that you aren’t as injured as you claim, even if you’re smiling through your pain
  • Asking for medical authorization to examine your medical records of the injury and then scouring through your medical history to look for pre-existing conditions they then claim as the cause of your symptoms
  • Denying that your doctor’s recommended treatment is necessary

Insurance companies use these and other tactics because they often prioritize their profits over a payout on your valid claim.

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When you need the help of an experienced Salt Lake City catastrophic injury attorney, reach out to Handy & Handy. Our attorneys have more than 35 years of experience helping victims pursue legal action against the party responsible for their injuries. At the Handy & Handy law firm, our Salt Lake City catastrophic injury attorneys will vigorously protect your rights and advocate for the best outcome possible in your accident case. Call (801) 264-6677 or contact us to schedule a free consultation. There is no risk to meet with us as we only get paid if we win your claim.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Catastrophic Injuries

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Catastrophic Injury Attorney?

It doesn’t cost anything for you. In other words, if we don’t win, you don’t pay. We take our cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning that it doesn’t cost anything for you to meet with us.

How are Catastrophic Injuries Different from Other Injuries?

Catastrophic injuries are distinguished by their severity and life-altering consequences. Unlike minor injuries, catastrophic injuries often require extensive medical treatment, ongoing care, and rehabilitation.

Can I seek compensation for a catastrophic injury caused by someone else’s negligence?

Yes, if your catastrophic injury was caused by another party’s negligence or wrongful actions, you may be eligible to pursue compensation through a personal injury claim.

When Should You Contact A Salt Lake City Catastrophic Injury Attorney?

As soon as possible. The sooner you can get in touch with a experienced Salt Lake City catastrophic injury lawyer from Handy & Handy Attorneys At Law, the sooner we will be able to help you with your claim.

What Is My Claim Worth?

The value of your claim can depend on a number of different factors, such as the extent of your injuries and how much your bills are. It also depends on what you say to the insurance company.

What if I Was Partly at Fault for My Injury?

Utah is a modified comparative negligence state. This system allows injury victims to recover a portion of their damages, minus their percentage of fault as long as they’re less than 50% at fault. For example, if your injury occurred in a car accident rear-end collision and you were found to be 25% at fault because you failed to signal a turn while slowing down, you’d still recover 75% of your damages. If your damages amounted to $1 million, you’d still recover $750,000.