Fight between dogs exacts high costs from South Ogden man

Posted on May 12, 2020

People in Salt Lake may assume that when it comes to liability issues involving dogs, owners only need to concern themselves with their pets’ interactions with other people. Yet what happens when a fight breaks out between two dogs?

Such an altercation can cause damage to an animal that can result in expenses comparable to human patient care costs. Unfortunately, pet insurance often is unavailable to help cover these costs. In such a scenario, dog owners may question what legal recourse is available to them.

Pit bull attack leaves pet seriously injured

A South Ogden man is currently asking himself that same question. His Golden Retriever was seriously injured following an attack by an unleashed pit bull that occurred as he walked the animal along the Legacy Parkway Trail. The resulting injuries required several different treatments to address, which has led to escalating veterinarian bills. The man hopes that the pit bull’s owner will accept liability for this incident and help to cover these costs.

According to a local attorney who focuses on dog bites in Salt Lake City, damages sustained by a family pet equate to property damage. Thus, while the outcome of a fight between two pets may not seem to offer a legal solution, compensation may still be available to pet owners through legal action.

Dealing with the complexities of the legal process

Such a process, however, can often be complex, involving more than a simple handshake agreement between two parties. Advanced knowledge of the law is often required to press one’s case forward. While one may not have access to the resources to secure such knowledge on their own, an attorney certainly will. Thus, such a party may be a valuable ally to have during such a struggle.