Dog bite damages for victims

Posted on November 20, 2020

Victims of dog attacks can suffer extensive physical, financial and emotional damages. Damages that may be available through a personal injury claim for damages can help victims offset some of those damages they have suffered.

Dog bite victims can suffer physical and emotional trauma and scaring. They may suffer disfiguring and debilitating injuries. To help victims with the aftermath of a dog attack, certain dog bite damages may be available including:

Medical damages

Victims of dog bite attacks may need extensive medical care and treatment for the harm they have suffered. They may require emergency medical care, ongoing treatment and care and additional surgeries may be necessary to treat their injuries. Compensation for their medical damages can help with this.

Lost wages damages

Victims of dog bite attacks may be unable to work as they are forced to spend time away from work while recovering from their injuries. Lost wages damages can help compensate them for their lost earnings during that period.

Pain and suffering damages

The emotional trauma associated with being the victim of an unexpected dog attack, and suffering dog bite injuries, can be significant. Pain and suffering damages are intended to help victims with those types of damages.

Damages for property damage

If the victim has suffered any property damages, compensation for the property damages suffered may also be available.

Dog bite owners are held to a high standard of liability if their dog has caused harm and injured a victim. For that reason, victims should be familiar with the legal protections and remedies available to them.

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