What happens after a slip and fall in a grocery store?

Posted on April 6, 2021

Victims of slip and fall accidents in grocery stores and other types of stores can suffer significant injuries. Thousands of personal injury claims related to slip and fall accidents are made every year and are more common than might initially be thought.

In some situations, it may be a store owner’s failure to keep the store premises safe or to warn shoppers of known hazards that could cause injuries. For that reason, victims of slip and fall accidents should be familiar with personal injury legal protections that may be able to help them.

Types of injuries victims might suffer in a slip and fall accident

Though victims may not think about being injured while on a routine shopping trip, there are several common types of injuries that may be suffered in a slip and fall accident including:

  • Slips and falls – slip and fall injuries can occur on wet floors, torn carpets, poorly lit areas and because of escalator malfunctions.
  • Head and body injuries – head and body injuries can also occur from slip and fall accidents, as well as from falling objects, retail displays and other types of falls such as when reaching for a difficult-to-reach object.
  • Shopping cart injuries – falls that result from a shopping cart tipping over and the fall-related injuries they cause.
  • Parking lot injuries – trip and fall injuries can occur is parking lots because of cracking pavement or concrete, an improperly designed parking lot or a failure to remove snow and ice.
  • Inadequate security – in some situations, inadequate security can lead to injuries property owners may be liable for.

Victims of slip and fall accidents may be able to recover physical, financial and emotional damages for their injuries through a personal injury claim for damages. Following a slip and fall accident in a grocery store or other shopping center, victims should be familiar with this important legal resource.