Dog Bites

Posted on May 27, 2021

Dog bites occur more than most people would think. Nationwide, dog attack injuries can cost millions of dollars in insurance a year. There are millions of dogs and millions of attacks a year.

In the state of Utah even if the dog doesn’t actually bite a person, but causes an accident like knocking a person to the ground and causing injury, the dog owner can still be held accountable for the accident. Typically, the home owner’s insurance for the owner of the dog will cover a dog bite claim.

Many times a dog attack can occur without being provoked, even if the dog has always been kind and non-threatening. The most common people to be attacked by a dog are children, elderly people, and U.S. postal office employees. In the state of Utah the statute of limitations for filing a claim after a dog attack or bite is four years after the date of the attack.

If bitten or injured by a dog, then there are several different steps to take in receiving treatment.

Determining if the dog has rabies is also important and must be treated immediately. Remember not to pet an unfamiliar dog and ask permission of the owner if they are near. National dog bite prevention week is May 22nd- 28th. For more information about bringing a dog-bite claim in Utah, click HERE. Contact us, your dog bite lawyers in Salt Lake City, with your dog attack/bite injuries for more details.