Legal protections for victims of dog attacks

Posted on November 4, 2021

Dog bite liability is important for victims of dog attacks to understand. Victims of dog bites may be able to recover compensation for the harm they suffered which is why familiarity with dog bite protections is important.

Liability for dog bites

Liability for dog bites in Utah is referred to as strict liability. A dog owner is liable for any injury caused by their dog regardless of whether or not the dog is vicious or if the dog owner knew about the dog’s viciousness. In certain circumstances, such as if the dog is on the dog owner’s private property or if the dog is reasonably secured within a fence or other enclosure at the time the dog bite occurs.

Dog attacks can be traumatic physically and emotionally. They can have financial implications for victims as well. Victims of a dog bite can suffer emotional scars and physical ones that may require medical care and treatment which can be costly. For victims to get help with their physical, financial and emotional damages, they should be aware of personal injury legal protections. Damages can include those for medical bills and pain and suffering damages, among others.

A personal injury legal claim against the dog owner may be able to help the victim recover compensation for their damages and harm suffered. Because dog owners are strictly liable, regardless of the circumstances in most situations, for the harm caused by their dog, it is an important protection for victims of dog attacks and their families to be familiar with.

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