Skiing collisions and falls can cause serious injuries

Posted on December 20, 2021

Skiing is a fun winter activity that allows people to enjoy fresh air, sunshine and outdoor exercise. However, skiers can suffer serious injuries caused by collisions and falls, resulting in significant medical expenses.


Skier collisions can occur when one skier does not yield to others on the trail, when he or she is traveling too fast to stop or when the skier hits a tree or other obstruction. It is always advisable for skiers to wear a helmet, but even with protective gear these types of accidents can cause head injuries. If a person has a collision and then feels light-headed or lacks coordination, it’s important to seek medical attention.

Skiers must be mindful when boarding and leaving a chair lift. There may be other skiers waiting in the entrance and exit areas, which can cause a collision as well.


Many skiers fall on the trail, especially inexperienced ones. If they twist, fall backward or their feet are stuck in a ski’s binding, it can result in broken bones, ligament damage and knee injuries. Falls may also occur where the ski hill is not properly maintained.

Also, if the skier falls forward or sideways it can result in a wrist, arm or shoulder injury. Wrist and arm injuries may require x-rays or a cast and a shoulder injury can sometimes require surgery.

In addition to incurring significant medical expenses, a skier may lose time away from work in order to heal. The loss of income can impact him or her directly as well as the family members they support.

If a person has been in a ski accident, an experienced attorney can provide guidance and pursue a claim on his or her behalf.