Legal protections for victims of dog attacks

Posted on November 4, 2021
Dog bite liability is important for victims of dog attacks to understand. Victims of dog bites may be able to recover compensation for the harm they suffered which is why familiarity with dog bite protections is important. Liability for dog bites Liability for dog bites in Utah is referred to as strict liability. A...
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Spinal cord injuries change life for victims and their families

Posted on October 19, 2021
People in the Salt Lake City area have different options for transportation, but one of the primary ways that people get to where they need to go is by driving their personal vehicles. In addition to people driving their personal vehicles, there are also many trucks, vans and other vehicles that people drive for...
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Utah offers heightened protection to vulnerable users of roads

Posted on September 30, 2021
Streets and highways can be dangerous for motorists. Accidents are common and fender-benders are always just a momentary distraction away. But not everyone who uses Utah’s roads are surrounded by a crash-tested metal cage – Utah recognizes the heightened risk for these people and mandates special care for motorists who drive near them.What are...
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Do federal regulators address truckers’ medical conditions?

Posted on September 15, 2021
Federal trucking regulations seek to keep motorists safe. They limit the hours that truckers drive, specify how cargo must be secured, and dictate when trucks must be inspected and repaired. Yet, not all aspects of safety are as aggressively regulated as they should be. This is especially true when it comes certain medical conditions...
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Do you know how to anticipate a truck company’s defenses?

Posted on August 20, 2021
If your loved one was injured in a truck accident, then you’re probably worried about your family’s finances moving forward. After all, the financial implications of one of these wrecks can be enormous, with medical bills quickly piling up and lost wages eating into your stability. Take your loved one’s pain and suffering into...
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Series of deadly motor vehicle accidents worries law enforcement

Posted on August 17, 2021
There have been ongoing concerns about road safety in Utah. These were exacerbated in recent weeks by one deadly weekend in which six people were killed. This is stoking worry with law enforcement as it tries to emphasize the importance of fundamental safety practices. Understanding how these accidents happened and taking steps to avoid...
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