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December 2017
You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll call your mom
Happy holidays from Handy & Handy. Enjoy some of our favorite videos that will get you into the holiday spirit.

November 2017
Handy Tips #10 Let’s talk turkey
We’re sharing the dos and don’ts for Thanksgiving dinner. To brine or not to brine? Find the answer here…

October 2017
Handy Tips #9 Trick or Treat
David S. Pumpkins shows us that knowing what to expect takes the fear out of a situation. If you’re looking for fewer frights and more fun family nights, check our Handy Tips here…

September 2017 Handy Tips #8 Nice catch dad
September is National Baby Safety Month. For links to baby product recall sites as well as a fantastic video compilation of some of the best “dad saves” click here...

August 2017 Handy Tips #7 I’ll have the same as Sandwich
August is National Sandwich Month, and we are sharing some of Utah’s best sandwich joints. Read on for a list of some local gems.

July 2017 Handy Tips #6 You scream, I scream
Parks and recreation and ice cream go hand in hand in July. Check out this month’s newsletter for tips for staying safe outdoors as well as our picks for some of Utah’s finest ice cream shops.

June 2017 Handy Tips #5 Playing it safe
June is National Safety Month. Did you know that falls are the No. 1 cause of injury on playgrounds? We’re sharing tips to avoid playground hazards as well as a list of the coolest playgrounds around the state right here…

May 2017 Handy Tips #4 It’s like learning to ride a bike
Watch Frasier and Niles learn to ride a bike and pick up some bicycle safety tips for National Bike month in this month’s newsletter.

April 2017 Handy Tips #3 Hang on to that steering wheel
We all know how important it is to avoid distractions while driving, but did you know there are ways to spot other distracted drivers on the road? Read on for tips to help you avoid an accident as result of distracted driving.

March 2017 Handy Tips #2 The thrill of victory
Oh! The agony of defeat. If you’ve been injured in a skiing or snowboarding accident, you’ll definitely want to read this month’s newsletter. We are experts at handling cases involving winter sports. Find out more here…

February 2017 Handy Tips #1 Staying on your feet
Did you know there is an entire month devoted to bathtub safety? Sounds funny, but slip-and-fall accidents are no joke. Check out this month’s newsletter for tips to keep you on your feet.