Utah Product Liability For Dangerous And Defective Drugs

You expect prescription drugs to be safe. Unfortunately, some prescription and over-the-counter drugs pose dangers to patients. At Handy & Handy, we are committed to helping patients in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah who have been harmed by dangerous drugs.

Determining Liability After An Injury

Pharmaceutical companies can be held liable for injuries and fatalities caused by defective drugs. Manufacturers are supposed to properly test drugs before they are available to the public and provide adequate warnings about side effects and potential hazards. Insufficient warnings and incomplete labeling are often two of the most common issues in product defect claims involving pharmaceutical drugs.

Drug manufacturers are required to test their drugs according to rules established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Being licensed by the FDA does not limit liability claims against drug manufacturers when an injury occurs. Drugs can still be dangerous or defective after being approved by the FDA, partially because the side effects or hazards of some drugs do not appear until months or years after a consumer has taken the drug.

Drug manufacturers have a duty to warn consumers about all side effects. Even if you or a loved one had a rare side effect, you may still have a legal claim.

Liability claims can have multiple defendants, depending on who all are involved in your specific case. Who can be held liable? Defendants may include:

  • The drug company and manufacturer
  • The doctor who prescribed medication
  • The nurse who instructed the patient on how to use the drug
  • The pharmacist who filled the prescription

Fighting For Your Rights

Our lawyers have decades of experience navigating these complex claims on behalf of victims and their families. Our goal is to advocate for you so you can get justice. We know life may never be the same after being harmed by a defective drug. We will fight for your rights and work hard to hold drug manufacturers and all other parties involved responsible for their negligence.

As your attorneys, we will provide personal service and thoroughly review all your legal options before pursuing a claim. We will educate you about your rights so you can make the best decision for you and your family. We will build a strong case, and we are not afraid to take your case to litigation if it is in your best interests.

Speak To Us About Your Legal Options

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